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Karuna Trust

When REAL first started, we realised that a crucial tenet of our identity was that we would give something back. 

One of our founder staff members had recently come back from Goa and found something there that he knew he wanted to help; two children’s hostels, one for girls and one for boys. These children belonged to the Dalit or ‘Untouchable’ caste and had been left to fend for themselves until coming to the hostels where they found shelter, food education and people to care for them. The buildings themselves however, were in a poor state of repair. Working with the Karuna Trust, the umbrella organisation for the hostels, we’ve donated part of our profits (around £8000 to date) to reconstruct the roof, bathrooms and to provide beds for the children.

 It was this project that inspired REAL to create the REAL Ethical Fund. these inital interactions formed the foundations within the company to continue to do good wherever we could. Seeing firsthand how our fundrasier blossomed when they had a vision to help those in such need has driven us to always ensure we have a purpose based mission as part of our identity



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