Name : David Muntz

Position in REAL: Head of Door to Door

Your position in and name of your family: Deputy Head of the Artemisa Family

Your thoughts about the REG group: The REG is one of the major reasons REAL lives up to what it claims. We want to be the most ethical business in the world which just wouldn’t be possible without REG making it a regular focus and holding the company to account. It would be so easy to have grand ambitions of being ethical but getting caught up in our day to day business, the fact REG exists is the reason that won’t happen! It is so inspiring to be able to sit in the same room as like-minded activists from different operations and parts of the country so regularly!

The biggest challenge facing the world today: Apathy. How many more times do we all need to hear that we are at a tipping point when it comes to our climate? Every person who knows anything about the issues facing our world, whether it be the environment, injustice or poverty, know that they probably should take action… How we can help conquer this challenge: It is too easy to make it someone else’s problem, but the truth is it’s up to all of us to do our bit, and make that bit as big as possible! And when we do that and shout about doing it and encourage our colleagues to be part of something bigger, then we increase our impact tenfold! It is amazing to see REAL’s activists regularly and consistently going way above and beyond just fulfilling the job description!