The REAL Ethical Group (REG)

Consisting of representatives from all REAL family companies everyone is allocated into one of three 'families' named after influential activists: Ann Atwater, Malala Yousafzai, and Artemisa Xakriabá. Each family has a head and deputy head and it is those people who comprise REG. All members of each family speak once per week to discuss all cultural and values based initiatives and innovations at the company and REG meets in person at REAL HQ every three weeks.

As well as ensuring the REAL family always keeps our values at our core, REG is the group that has control of the REAL Foundation and decides on all funding requests and activist activity Charity applications. 

Please note that all members of REG are currently on furlough, we look forward to them resuming their vital duties. 

Meet the REG Team

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Tom Ward

Onboarding Director and Leader of REG

Oli Thompson

REAL Leader and Head of the Atwater Family

Eva Martens

Trainer, Auditor and Head of the Artemisa Family

David Muntz

Head of Door to Door and Deputy Head of the Artemisa Family

Kelly Ledger

Partner Trainer and Auditor and  a Manager of the Malala family