Name:  Oli Thompson

Position in REAL: REAL Leader

Position in the Families:  Head of the Atwater Family

What REG means to me:

REG  is where the cultural and company mission comes together. The family structure helps brings everybody into the philosophy of our real values. The aim is to find new voices for current issues and ideas. Ultimately the objective is to lead the way as activists for supporting positive initiatives to help sustain a better world we can all happily live in.The biggest problem for humanity..Conflict has impacted across counties and continents with millions of refugees across Africa and the Middle East coming towards Europe. Today I would say humanitarian need is more important now than ever. Populations are continuing to be displaced as a result of conflict however for this to end, after war must be reconciliation!

How we can solve this problem:

In my view to reconcile conflict, I hope both sides can see the human cost of violence. Ann Atwater is an example who could only create social justice when she confronted her enemy. Her resolve is an incredible example in this day and age when violence continues to escalate.